How to maximize the use of Wall Murals for your Business

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August 24, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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How to maximize the use of Wall Murals for your Business

improve your business with a wall mural

One of the reasons we go back to our favorite restaurant or store aside from the food and products is the ambiance. There are instances where people come back to a restaurant or store because there is a particular spot that makes them feel comfortable, remember good days with family and friends, or just because they like the wall mural.

A large image printed on a large format digital printer sticker or fabric and mounted on a flat board and mounted on the wall is a wall mural. These are used in lieu of wallpaper because it is a good tool to make a lasting impression on customers.

 Ways to use wall murals for your business:

Large Scale Digital Printed Product Catalog. If you have it, flaunt it. If you have a store with walls and a storefront, take good photos of your product and turn them into a wall mural or window graphics. Big clothing designer brands, car dealers, athletic equipment use wall murals as a cheap in-store billboard to draw passerby’s to come in and have a look at their new products/designs.

 Improve the Ambiance of your Restaurant. Why do people go to Italian restaurants? The answer is obvious – to get a feel of Italy. But what if your business location is not close to looking like Italy? How would you draw people to your restaurant? Have scenic photos of Venice, Tuscany, Sicily or maybe Naples made into wall murals, tweak the lighting a bit and serve great Italian food

 Turn your wall into a historical trail. If your business has been passed down from generation to generation, why not have snippets of how the business started and add photos of the people behind the company’s success collated and printed out into a wall mural. This is another way of proving business credibility for generations.

 Cover up Damaged Walls. There are some shops or stores that have been used by other businesses before. Usually you have to renovate the place to suit your line of business. If the only reason why you are having your entire office repainted is one area with a dirty wall, having a wall mural with a suitable image mounted on that wall could do the trick faster, cheaper, and without the hassles of repainting the entire place. A wall mural can also be used as a quick room divider.

Remember, having a good working environment helps staff productivity and can increase sales.

If you are looking for a certified wall mural installer, give the experts at Graphic Installation Solutions a call.

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