Auto And Fleet Installation Solutions

It’s hard to imagine a world where traffic jams and long commutes are desirable things — that is, unless you’re talking about commercial fleet wraps.

These mobile advertising mechanisms let you rule the road with your logo, company name, website, phone number and more right there, grabbing attention. Car wraps for businesses are especially attractive if you’re pushing for broader brand awareness, recognition and reach. These days, who isn’t?

What exactly are fleet vehicle wraps, and are they right for your business? Let’s explore how these visual advertisements can put some pep in your vehicles’ steps and curate more impactful branding. Our auto and fleet wrap installation solutions are just what you are looking for!


Fleet wraps are a premium way to take advertising on the road — literally. They are large vinyl graphics and decals installed on the exterior of your business’ trucks, delivery vans or service cars. When finished, they bring cohesive company branding to your complete squadron of vehicles, keeping them unmistakable in public.

Fleet wraps can take up a portion or cover the entirety of a vehicle. They’re specifically fabricated for cars, so you don’t have sloppy, messy or unprofessional-appearing logos slapped on a side door, color schemes that clash or fonts misaligned with your brand. In fact, the best fleet wraps go beyond merely labeling a car with your information. They relay your company’s values and give a sense of its personality, capturing real consumer attention along the way.

From a well-placed tagline to a moving visual catalog of your company’s products or services, fleet wraps are one of the most important visual-marketing tactics you can undertake. And they’re a good investment, too:


Advertisements explicitly designed for business vehicles make your brand go mobile. If this sounds like industry fluff, think again. With Americans spending more time than ever in their cars, companies have a lot to gain when they direct advertising efforts toward those on the road:

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