Terms & Conditions

Graphic Installation Solutions

Terms & Conditions
G.I.S. contract terms and conditions must be signed prior to project engagement. These terms and conditions are subject to current G.I.S. labor rates ($75 per hour), as well as any associated expense and mileage charges.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of variables that may effect our initial proposal:

Client-initiated Changes:
Delays from company personnel; Reschedules: Scope changes (signature/client approval required); Incorrect order from personnel or company; Change orders; Re-do’s, removals for any reason; Stop work orders (for any reason, balance due in full); Late pays (late fees plus Interest @ 5% per month); Delinquent accounts are subject to late fees, collections and liens)

Media-production Errors: Printing errors / laminating / production errors / material defects; Proofing errors (includes artwork and layout errors)

Transportation Expenses:
Travel expenses- 100% paid in advance (any overages to be included in final invoice); Trip charges (approximately $1.50 per local mile; negotiated CONUS rates); Pick up and delivery fees ($60 per hour plus fuel costs and fleet service; G.I.S. maintains and provides proof of insurance); Freight / shipping charges will apply if required

Additional Expenses:
Fabrication fees (estimated hourly rate per project); Additional hardware costs (signature /client approval required); Defects in substrate (paint, drywall, stucco, etc.)

Deposit Required- 50% upon project inception with the balance due upon completion.

G.I.S. reserves the right to refuse service.

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