Custom Installation Service

As a small business owner you have to keep a tight lid on your budget. This means each dollar you spend must give you the best investment in return. We offer high quality small business signage at an affordable price. Our custom installation solutions can handle any job.

Channel Letter Signs

A popular choice for many small businesses. Channel letters signs use an aluminum container in the shape of your logo or letter. They have a Plexiglas (acrylic) face and come in two main styles. Reverse channel letters use a Lexan® (Polycarbonate) backing which gives an attractive halo lighting effect. Open face channel letters have a clear face with exposed neon. You can choose between neon or LED lighting for your channel letters depending on your landlord requirements and signage needs.

Monument Signs

Another option for small businesses. They are used mainly at entrances and as exterior signage. Monument signs make a real impact and can be fabricated into many different styles. Designs are customized to your tastes and needs with choices ranging from simple monument signs to detailed raised letter and channel lettering, backlit and halo lighting effects.

Pole Signs

Literally stand tall above the crowd. No sign is too large for us to install. Our installation experts will survey the site and obtain all necessary permits and take care of all the details. Pole signs help to direct traffic to your business and we have a wide range of designs and materials for you to choose from. Our installation experts get your pole sign installed on time and safely.

Lobby Signs

These help direct customers and create a unified look to your small business. They are the finishing touch for your building and come in many different styles. Don’t settle for just a boring plaque, let our design team design your lobby signs to blend in with your other signage and create a real touch of class for your small business.

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