Branding your business with custom window graphics

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July 3, 2015
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Branding your business with custom window graphics

improve your brand with window graphics

Every business needs branding/marketing and the best option to showcase your business services if you have a storefront is to use window graphics as your signage solution. There is a vast array of marketing solutions both online and offline. Most businesses opt for Television ads, Newspaper or online banner ads but, in the end, it costs more money than window graphics.

Establish your Marketing Goals


What image do you want the public to remember you by? Businesses usually think about this first and they usually start by coming up with a company logo and slogan that clients can correlate with your services in the long run. The best and possibly the cheapest way to advertise your brand if you have a storefront is to add your logo and services offered prominently using window graphics. This way, when potential customers pass by, they can see what your business is all about even at a glance.


Usually when you go for a job interview, you are asked “why should we hire you over the other applicants?” the question is basically the same for any business – why should consumers choose your company over your competitor? You should have something your competitor doesn’t have in order for people to even try your product or service or your price is cheaper by a mile. Usually, people with a storefront showcase their actual products on their windows or use window graphics to display new product or services for people to see even from a distance. This is very important for companies that are just starting out and don’t have a company name that does not immediately give consumers an idea what your business is about.


Timing is the key. Almost every occasion calls for a celebration and usually businesses take advantage of every occasion to come up with a promotion to get more business or sales. Making sure you are visible in every occasion using your storefront window display is a cheaper way to be visible and attract customers to patronize your products or services all year round

Store Opening Announcement

Branding and Marketing doesn’t start when your store opens. It is best to add window graphics showing some of the products or services that you are going to be selling or offering come opening day, your website URL, and social media platform/s. This could lead to a bigger turnout on opening day.

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